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Who are we?

Leading seating manufacturer from Turkey!

Chairium presents services from public to residential areas.

Established in early 2012, Chairium became one of the most respected company & manufacturer for seating solutions all around the world.

Years of experience in the social sector gives us the ability to produce custom made project and contract furniture with remarkable prices and of excellent quality.

Chairium has exclusive dealers in different countries including Russia, Germany, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

As following the developments and with our dynamic structure, our company has established partnerships in the international market which helped us to broaden our horizon and vision and leaded us to provide service in the various fields for projects.

The identity of your business can be accentuated by choosing an interior that exactly suits your own taste. Choose your own fabrics, colors and shapes.

Because of our years of experience furnishing hotel and restaurant facilities, we can help guide to create the most suiting and appropriate furniture for you.

Everything needed for the desired look and feel of your business. For your guests and your future.

Please contact us to receive an overview of our collection of furniture or for any other additional information.