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Why Us?


We have years of experience solving problems and making projects alive all around the world. We have exported our products to over 57 countries and finished projects from A to Z in 24 different countries.

Exported Countries: 57
Finished Projects: 195
Ongoing Projects: 24
Current Employee: 140
2015 Net Income: $49.848.120,00

Logo on Fabric

Chairium does not limit its clients when it comes to choices such as types and colors of the fabrics or leather upholstery for your furniture. Even your company logo can be placed on your furniture in a stylish subtle way so that more attention can be drawn to your corporate identity. We can easily apply your choice of photos or any other image on the upholstery of your furniture.

Your Signature Color and Paint

Your exact signature colors can be used by us to paint your furniture. Our specialists and our professional varnishing equipment ensure a perfect finish. Even for larger surfaces.


Our experts can vary the fabrics as you like. Diamond stitch, flat, button tufted or chesterfield. There are virtually no limits. With stitching in a different unique coloring a custom-made piece of furniture easily rises above the average. Chairium ensures premium quality.

Symbol in Wood

A logo, image or other symbol can in many cases be applied on your furniture. A different colored inlay of the logo is also possible, for example a gold color. Everything is always perfectly finished with a high quality paint that is adapted for intensive use. With furniture of Chairium you will distinguish your public spaces and private reception areas.


Solid wood and plywood can be shaped by us using several techniques. Chairium creates shapes that are unique. Our computer-controlled machines ensure identical execution, regardless of the time period between two jobs. Architects and designers will experience few restrictions at Chairium in the execution of their creative ideas.

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