We always take excessive care when choosing the color scheme of our rooms. Same goes for furnishing and other stuff like carpet, curtains, lightning, wall decorations to name a few. Everything placed in our room must be in a perfect hue, even the color and texture of the tiniest vase counts. While mix and match and contrast mixing are trending these days, people often go for non-contemporary, evergreen shades and texture when furniture especially coffee tables are considered, may be because furniture is one thing that cannot be replaced according to the ever-changing latest trend. When it comes to coffee table people often opt for subtle colors and textures. Texture of wood and natural looking texture are preferred. One such color and texture is white. White coffee table or pale colored one are in trend since a long time, but picking white color has its own disadvantages and advantages. Let us look at some of its pros and cons.


White furniture makes a small room look big as just mirrors do. They create an aura that gives an illusion of more space. Color white brightens up the room and they go perfectly with generally used white and yellow lightening. White color can be matched with any other color, so a coffee table in white can be matched with all trending as well as traditional colors and textures.


While white coffee tables look absolutely marvelous in your living room, this color scheme might get monotonous over the time. Seeing white everyday can be a bit boring. White texture requires more cleaning than any other colored textures and thus are not easy to maintain. Some white colored textures become gradually in spite of all the cleaning and maintaining. A single scratch on the table can scrape off the texture, leaving it looking pale or black.