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Established in early 2005, Chairium has rapidly became one of the most respected company & manufacturer for commercial furniture and office chairs of Turkey. Chairium is a Turkish based chair and table manufacturer supplying seating solutions to furniture dealers, re-sellers and other furniture specifiers across the globe. We offer an unrivaled range of high quality seating solutions, dedicated to improving the workplace environment. Our portfolio includes cafe chairs, restaurant chairs, lobby and lounge seating, restaurant tables, wooden, plastic, metal chairs, reception seating and furniture, executive and managerial, task and operator, visitor and conference chairs and a wide range of mesh seating. We also offer a range of breakout and soft seating from our sister brand Sofatorium. Chairium is now manufacturing and supplying chairs and tables for the customers all around the world in its 10.000 square meters closed-area plant. Chairium provides seating solutions for offices and public environments. With such awareness, it is our objective to offer solutions for; – Office Chairs, Executive Chairs, Manager Chairs, Guest Chairs, Conference Chairs, Stools, – Lobby Seating, Sofas, Armchairs, Poufs, Benches.

Chairium is a dynamic, evolving company that is expanding around the world. Our company is driven by innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

Chairium believes that seating is one of the most important aspects of pleasing customers in Cafés, Restaurants, Lobbies.

In the course of time, there have been fluctuations in this market, both in Turkey and worldwide. However our commitment to perfection in quality and service has not changed over time. All our products which are manufactured under Chairium brand will only go onto the market after being submitted to rigorous tests.

With a flexible management system and a highly cosmopolitan outlook, combined by total commitment to its outstanding creativity, Chairium is doing its best to keep up with the contemporary requirements of the worldwide quality furniture trends.

Perfect Combination of Style and Affordable Products: We Offer Indoor Seating Solutions for Cafés, Restaurants, Lobbies, Hospitals and more.

Whether you need cafe chair, restaurant chair or lobby seating solutions, we can offer to you. All kinds of chairs for your projects which are being produced by our partners are designed, engineered and manufactured for maximum performance, value, safety and style and because we offer such a wide range of seating styles, colors and finishes, your seating needs can be customized for your cafe, restaurant, lobby or hotel by our experienced experts.

Cafe Furniture & Cafe Seating

When it comes to hotel, restaurant or cafe business, the environment of the place has to do a lot with the satisfaction of customers because the customers are greatly influenced by it. The outlook of a place changes your viewpoint of the place like at any religious building, you would get a profound, elegant environment or outlook while if you go to a party you would find the outlook opposite of it. In these conditions the cafe seating is of much more value than you think because if you will give your customers a cozy environment and a feel like home feeling, then they would surely come again and again and also bring their family and friends to your place. Well, it does not mean that you should not provide quality products to them and just rely on the  cafe seating. In that point, we can offer you hundreds of beautifully designed cafe chairs. Cafe chairs and cafe seating solutions are our expertise. Contact us to know more about the products we can manufacture for your commercial seating projects.

Restaurant Seating

Sometimes more than the food quality it is the ambiance of a restaurant which helps in forming a good impression about it. No restaurant, no matter how good its food is, can come into the elite list of restaurants if it does not have a good ambiance. For a restaurant to become the favorite of its customers must possess three qualities; good food, good decor and excellent hospitality. The comfortable seating of the restaurant goes a long way in increasing the customer’s satisfaction level with the restaurant. Just like all other furniture, restaurant furniture too is full of options and varieties. But eventually, you have found the right company who can bring you the best quality, affordable, stylish restaurant chairs. You can find all kinds of restaurant chairs for sale in our web-site. Contact us for your projects. Let’s make your dreams come true together.

Lobby Seating & Waiting Room Seating & Reception Furniture

A hotel lobby is the most visited spot of any hotel. It sees endless entries and exits of the customers, staff, visitors and many other people all through the day and night. It therefore becomes imperative for the hotel lobby to look posh and clearly give out the exact feel which the hotel wants to send out to its customers. Hotel lobbies are the place where guests wait while they are being checked in or checked out the hotel and it is also the place where the visitors for the guests wait. It is through the look and comfort level of the lobby that the first impression about the hotel, good or bad, are formed. Thus, having the most perfect hotel lobby furniture becomes a really important decision which can have a bearing on the success of a hotel.  Not just for hotel, we can offer you all kinds of seating solutions for any place which has a lobby to welcome visitors. Hotel lobby furniture, hospital lobby furniture, waiting room furniture, reception furniture, reception seating and reception chairs can be found in our exclusive product catalog. Contact us to learn more.

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